• Fengshui Compass

    We can see that besides the central magnetic needle there are also several concentric rings filled with information. On them are written dispositions like the 8 trigrams, the 8 directions, the 24 directions or mountains, astrological data as the 28 constellations, the celestial trunks, the earthly branches, and many other concepts that are applied to the art of feng shui.

  • YHL-90/360S

    Electronic compass is an instrument of measuring position,which utilized the magnetic field. It will affect the accurate of the mesurement data in the complicated magnetic fields. Please use the compa

  • QCJ-2000

    This instrument could measures elongated shapes, lines and circular areas, removing the need for grids, charts, or calculators. The measuring accuracy is better than +/-0.2 percent, so its results ar

  • QCJ-2A

  • DZL-1

    This compass is composed of triaxial magnetoresistive sensor , triaxial speed sensor triaxial gyro sensor.It can show the data of azimuth 、 roll angle、trim angle、temperature、air pressure and elevation

  • DQY-1A

    The compass is a must have tool for anyone working in the field of earth science or geological surveying, mapping or for navigational use. The compass performs basic tasks such as orientation, while t



Harbin Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 1966, is

located in Harbin's bustling Jingwei San Dao Street, less than 100 meters from the Central Avenue, is a veritable urban

enterprise. After more than 40 years of operation and


the company has gradually grown from a small-sized factory to a science and technology star enterprise in Harbin. The enterprise has been awarded a

number of honors such as "small pearl enterprise", "quality and efficiency enterprise" and "founding learning enterprise". Produced by a variety of compass

series, Ji plotter series, the laser pointer series has been awarded the "Harbin famous brand" and "Heilongjiang Province famous brand" title.

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Announcement of the results of the procurement project of comprehensive physical optics and optics experiment of Harbin Institut



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